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Training Services

On the Job Training

When an employer needs to fill a vacant position, they often have a choice of hiring a skilled worker or a worker who needs to have additional training. If the employer is willing to hire an individual who has no prior experience in the vacant position, an On-the-Job Training contract may be developed with the Northeast Tennessee Local Workforce Development Board (NETLWDB).  Under this agreement the NETLWDB can reimburse up to 50% of the trainee's wages during the specified training period. The employer must agree to retain the trainee if he/she successfully completes the training.  If you are an interested employer, visit the web sites below and complete a pre-application.



Customized Training

When an employer identifies the need to train a group of job applicants in a specific occupational skill area, the NETLWDB staff can assist with meeting the employer's training needs. The NETLWDB can help offset the cost of providing training to a group of potential employees by reimbursing up to 50% of the eligible expenses, such as instructor's salaries and training materials.

Incumbent Worker Training

The state may enter into an agreement with an employer to provide training to workers whose skills must be upgraded in order to avert worker dislocation. The state program may provide up to 100% of the training costs for this type of training. If you are an interested employer, download and fill out the Incumbent Worker Application then email it as an attachment to


State instructions, guidelines and FAQ links are listed below. 


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